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Hello everyone! I know it may seem that I have disappeared and fallen off the face of the earth, but let it be known that I am still very much in existence. The reason behind my apparent vanishing is simply because Deviantart has lost a lot of the appeal that it once had for me. I feel as though my creative flow has been dammed for a time, and while it may be freed again one day, it remains particularly stagnant for now. However, I still appreciate the friends I have made on here and those that I made on other websites and keep in contact with through here, so I figure I may as well give you all an update on what's been happening in my life before I totally depart.

My last journal entry was about me meeting my favorite author, Brent Weeks. That was shortly after I started college, which means that a lot has happened since then. First of all, I changed my major from an undecided "French designation" to elementary education in the hopes that I may become a teacher someday. It seems like something I may excel at, though at the same time, I'm considering pursuing a major in psychology when I transfer next year. I like to give relationship advice and not practice what I preach, so maybe I could become a couple's therapist. Who knows :shrug:
On the subject of relationships though, I've been in a very good one for four months now. That's a new record!! :dance: Lol before, I was lucky if I had a relationship that lasted a month. In fact, the "relationship" I was in previously ended on the same day that marked our first full month together. I kind of expected the same to happen with the boyfriend I have now, but he's much different from the others I've dated. He's attractive, intelligent without seeming to be full of himself, mature (or at least as mature as a 20-year-old man can be), older than me by a reasonable number (big bonus!), funny, sweet, charming, and he actually makes time for me (which the guy before him did not). Plus, he's a great kisser ;) I even picked up a few moves from him. We're considering traveling to either Paris or Tokyo later this year (along with his family, probably. I doubt either of our parents would be too keen on us venturing abroad with only each other ^^; ), so I'll finally be able put some of the money I've been saving up since my freshman year of high school to use! The future looks exciting =)
As for the present, I now have a job at Barnes & Noble! I've been wanting to work there for a long time and I'm happy to say that it's as good a job as I was hoping it would be. My current salary is minimum wage, unfortunately, but they give raises frequently so hopefully I'll be able to acquire a less dismal income before too long. Otherwise, my co-workers are great, the work is enjoyable, and it never feels too repetitive. My favorite part of the job so far was doing Story Time with the little kids on Dr. Seuss's birthday =D They were so cute! They turned the pages for me, tried bringing me a bunch of other books to read them because I'm just that good *flips hair over shoulder*, and the littlest one, a 4-year-old girl with silver-blonde hair and rosy cheeks, would stop me occasionally before turning the page so she could read a few sentences herself. I was so happy for her ^_^ This is not a job I dread going to. Not like I did JCPenney during the holiday season. That was not so enjoyable ._.

Well, this journal entry feels a lot less organized than I imagined it to be. In any case, there you have it; a brief overview of what has happened in my life up to this point. I will probably log on here a few more times after this to reply to any responses I get, but otherwise, don't expect me back anytime soon. This site has treated me well for years, but I feel as though it has little to offer me now.
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